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Why is Miniambra important?

  • Miniambra is a reflection on what it means to feel like an outsider and although it's based on our personal migration experience, and it explores the impact of cultural differences, it still resonates with a broad audience on many levels. Because in the end, one doesn't need to be identical to everyone else in order to find a sense of belonging.

    Ana (author / director)
  • We tend to take everything around us -and even ourselves- for granted. And it's things like curiosity, contemplation and questioning that 'wake us up from the slumber'. This is a great part of what we'd like to share with our audience through Miniambra's journey: a renewed capacity for wonder.

    Carlos (producer)

What is Karu Karu Studio?

We are a small group of emerging audio-visual storytellers currently based in Adelaide (Australia). We work with a small, ever-changing multicultural group of talented people to concoct smiles, tears and other things in between, through animations, illustrations and sounds.

What does Karu Karu mean?

In Quechua, one of the Native South American language families, it means "very far away".

Ethos & Interests

- Nurturing of our own and our audience's capacity for wonder.
- Work on projects driven by ethical principles (basically doing the right thing towards all living beings).
- Exploration of metaphorical relations between image-sound-text.
- Search for a strong philosophical core in each project.
- Critical questioning driven by curiosity.

Audiovisual Story-telling (What we do)

- Animation
- Sound Design
- Visual development
- Sequential Art

Some of our inspirations

Studio Ghibli, Henry Bergson, Tim Burton, Latin-American Magic Realism, "The Little Prince", Jean-Paul Sartre, Alice in Wonderland and "Sophie's World" among many, many others.