about Miniambra

Always question, always in wonder ~ Siempre pregunta, siempre en asombro

animated Mini-episodes & graphic novel

Miniambra is the name of a girl who hatches from an abandoned egg into a strange and hostile, yet beautiful world that triggers a quest for identity and belonging.

This trans-media project is a multi-layered reflection on what identity means to those who feel like strangers (wherever they are) and an invitation to renew our capacity for wonder. Amongst other things, Miniambra discovers that belonging doesn't mean "being identical" and teaches how to value that which makes every creature different.

After several months of work with a small group of creatives, our first episode premiered at the Adelaide International Film Festival thanks to the funding and support from Adelaide's Media Resource Centre's Web TV webseries initiative (in partnership with the Adelaide Film Festival and You Tube). Three more episodes have been funded through this initiative.

For a short story about how Miniambra originally came into being, check out our writer/director's blog entry.

Mini-manifesto: To help keep us in line with what we originally envisioned, we created a short set of guidelines early in preproduction. And although we've steered away from time to time, it has helped us find our bearings:

1) Each episode will be inspired by Haikus, treated as such and it will be self-contained.
2) When episodes are put together, one after the other, they will generate a story.
3) Episodes will be like visual poems favouring the evocation of feelings above following strict narrative lines.
4) Sense and meaning will be achieved by the relationship between images, text and sound rather than any of those elements on its own.
5) Each episode will be driven by symbols and metaphors. Themes will be conveyed using these.

* A "micro poem" will appear in the title card at the start of each episode.